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Topic 3 - Cycling
Dublin 5th Province
Topic 4: Culture & Creativity

Dublin Fifth Province - D5P - Exploring Ideas for a Better Dublin

People in Dublin are worried about the ability of our City to sustain our livelihoods and our quality of life. To assist in overcoming these worries, we need to develop a framework that will help us build a Sustainable Dublin. As a result D5P has been established by the Creative Dublin Alliance to engage people in Dublin about our sustainable future.

D5P aims to create opportunities for us to understand the challenges we face as a city and to collaborate in building a more sustainable Dublin. Through engaging and understanding we can learn how our hopes for the future are complex and interrelated.

Over the coming years D5P will be asking you about a range of topics that relate to a sustainable Dublin. We hope that each topic will help us produce great ideas and new city initiatives and policies. If you would like to help us choose future topics for consultation or would like to suggest your own topics, please let us know.

At the moment D5P is asking the following questions:

  1. How can we support culture and creativity in Dublin?
  2. How can we encourage more people to cycle in Dublin?
  3. How can we improve the employment situation in Dublin?
  4. How can we make Dublin a healthy city to live in?

You can get involved through answering a brief Survey or by chatting with others in the Forum.

Please also visit our Blog, where you can read how culture and creativity is important to sustainable development, learn more about '...Sustainable Developoment and Dublin' and engage with some 'Thinking about Healthy Living' and 'Thinking about Working Lives', in additino to some thoughts on cycling: 'On Your Bike' & 'A personal Note on Cycling in Dublin City' and healthy cities: 'Children and Healthy Cities'.

If you have any comments on this web site, please let us know.

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