Welcome to D5P - Topic 1: Healthy Living

D5P will be online from the end of February 2012, to ask people living in Dublin how they think the City should develop over the next fifteen years. Every month we will introduce a different topic that is important for sustainable development, which over time, will help build up a picture of what citizens think is important for Dublin's future.

Introducing Sustainable Development and Dublin, by Dick Gleeson, City Planner

The impact of 7 billion people living on planet Earth is having a profound effect on its environment and climate. The Climate Justice movement indicates that 20% of the Earth's surface is now degraded, with serious consequences for the world’s poorest in trying to sustain a living. Such a huge and increasing global population, with its need for economic activity, sustenance and quality of life, is making unsustainable demands on the Earth’s natural resources. Reserves of timber, fish, oil, and clean water are being depleted.

Dublin Mayors Launch Dublin 5th Province


South Dublin County Mayor Caitriona Jones joined Dublin City Lord Mayor Andrew Montague at the Mansion House on May 3rd to co-launch Dublin 5th Province (D5P). Both Mayors spoke strongly in support of the initiative as it is unique in trying to bring experts and citizens together on an ongoing basis to deliberate on a sustainable future for Dublin City and Counties. Lord Mayor Montague hailed the importance of D5P as local government in Dublin is promising to deliver on the best ideas of participants.

Winner of D5P biclcye competition - Sharon Gibbons


Congratulations to Sharon Gibbons, winner of our summer bicycle competition. Sharon along with many others registered with D5P and completed the cycling survey during June. Sharon said that she was really delighted to win the prize as her bike had been stolen during the last year.

Here Sharon is pictured with Jamie Cudden, Dublin City Council (DCC) Research Manager. DCC sponsored the bicyle prize, which is a recycled that was pruchased through Rothar.